On July 17th,
we made history.

But it's not over yet. We need to come back on November 6 and come back hard. As your Democratic Nominee, I thank you for this chance to serve you. Let's stand up together for our community.

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Meet Kirk

The man for Montgomery.

Born at the peak of the civil rights movement, Kirk Hatcher is the candidate of change and vision. His upbringing in Montgomery and following years at Morehouse and as an educator have instilled in him focused determination and leadership. For us, there is no other candidate.

A new vision

Since the heyday of Montgomery, its stalwarts have either retired or moved on. Kirk is here to push Alabama's capital into the forefront of education, business, and politics.

A new voice

Montgomery needs a new voice. One that speaks for its people and its aspirations. One that delivers on its promises.

Voter Information

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When is the election?

The general election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Don't miss it! Add it to your calendar below.

Where can I vote?

There a number of polling stations around District 78, find where you can vote here.

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The Issues

Learn about what Kirk is fighting for.

Supporting our Public Schools

Reviving the declining Montgomery public school system.

Affordable Access to Healthcare

State cutbacks shouldn't mean health cutbacks.

Prison Reform and Reducing Recidivism

Preventing crime and encouraging rehabilition.

Removing Tax on Groceries

The dollar doesn’t stretch far enough to feed a family. Read more...

Valuing Jobs and People

Championing local communities and homegrown businesses.

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Kirk's candidacy was founded upon his belief in the people of Montgomery. Without you, there is no campaign! Click through below and find out how you can make a difference.

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