Kirk's Platform

A brief look into his priorities and where he stands on the issues.

Supporting our Public Schools

As an educator for 17 years, Kirk Hatcher firmly supports our educators and administrators in their efforts to properly educate our children—while serving as a compassionate voice for parents/guardians who desire the best available educational experience for the state’s youngest residents.

Affordable Access to Healthcare

Access. Access. Access. Kirk Hatcher believes that by further focusing on a trifecta that includes CHiP, mental health, and the national opioid epidemic—and receiving subsidies courtesy of the Affordable Care Act, we can ensure that the residents of Alabama will have access to affordable quality healthcare.

Justice/Prison Reform

Kirk Hatcher supports comprehensive prison reform in an effort to address sentencing discrepancies, overcrowding, rehabilitation, and post incarceration programs.

Economic Development

Kirk Hatcher stands as the House candidate committed to standing up for small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs who contribute to the creation of a competitive career/employment pool and substantial quality of life experience.

Removal of Tax on Groceries

Kirk Hatcher supports the removal of sales tax on groceries. As a primary “kitchen table” concern, the dollar doesn’t stretch far enough to feed a family. The removal of the existing sales tax on groceries would relieve the daily financial pressure impacting many families across Alabama—and more particularly in House district 78.

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